Vidpart comes equipped with many great features!

Administration Features

  1. You can now opt to approve all videos before they are made available on the site. This gives you much greater control of the content on your online video community.

  2. Set the video conversion settings to ensure an optimization of quality for videos uploaded to your community or a trade-off of your choosing between quality and size.

  3. Template protection allows you to ensure that your custom templates are protected against unauthorized copying and use.

  4. Sort and display all members by online status, usernames, listing IDs, location or last login. It is also possible to edit and delete the members profile or information or mass message all users via the site messaging system or email using the WYSIWYG editor. The search feature also allows for searching for members by username or email address.

  5. Sort and display all vides by username, video titles, date posted, duration, etc. Edit and delete videos or video information. Moderate videos tagged by users as “inappropriate” and search for particular videos using video ID are also supported functions.

  6. Moderate and view all channel settings and members and videos uploaded to each channel. Add/edit/delete channels and search for channels by channel IDs and mark selected channel as “featured”.

  7. Moderate group information and settings as well as members. Display group details in full when needed and moderate group topics and edit/delete groups and set a group as “featured”. Admin can also send an email to a group and search for a group by group ID or group name.

  8. Administrative features of the community include being able to edit the system configuration settings for the entire site such as the administrative password and usernames. The administrator can edit static pages such as “About Us”, “Help” and “Terms of Use” to suit his own purpose. Resetting of any or all member’s bandwidth is also a feature for the administrator.

  9. Email editing, sorting and the changing of email parameters also falls under administrator features.

  10. Package details and settings can be changed/deleted by the administrator. Unlimited packages can also be created and applied or deleted.

  11. Admins can also create and edit advertising zones using HTML. Integration of popular advertising agents such as Google Ad-Sense of Yahoo Publisher Network can be done with a click of a button. Administrators also have the option of enabling and disabling each advertising zone at will.

  12. Polls can be created, deleted or edited by the administrator. All questions involved and subsequent results can be viewed.

User Features

  1. Last viewed videos/users can be viewed, poll questions can be turned on or off and recent/popular tags can be viewed. Friends can be invited to join the network and share videos via email by existing members.
  2. Paypal Billing system is integrated into the website. Video and member statistics can be viewed. New videos can be uploaded and previously uploaded videos’ information can be edited. Avatars can be uploaded for profiles and profile information can be edited. Subscription for the videos of other members is also integrated. Advanced statistical information for members can be viewed, RSS feeds are enabled as well for ordinary members to be able to use.
  3. Easy, step by step video upload process, video conversion is done in the background while the user can engage in other activities on the site, upload progress bar indicates complete statistics for the upload. Auto deletion for original video can be toggled on or off. Each video has an embedded page link and a video direct link.
  4. Internal messaging system for users to communicate with each other and admin. Groups and channels are available for the user to filter the videos he wishes to be available to him.
  5. Page numbering feature is available; users can view the most recent, most discussed or most popular videos or generate random video results. They can also flag inappropriate videos and rate videos. Downloading videos is also a feature available. A perma link and embedded video link is automatically generated for each video and an integrated flash player with advanced options would be available for viewing the videos.
  6. User can create and edit his own groups and have topics and videos and comments added to it. Groups can have individual URLs and have privacy settings of public, private or moderated. Group owners can set group icons, moderate posts and videos and invite users to join the group.
  7. Users have the option of sorting friends, approving and inviting users for their friend list and adding their friends’ videos to their favorite videos list.
Member Functions
User-friendly interface
Easy step-by-step registration process
Index Page Login
View member stats : Number of times one’s videos have been viewed, number of friends, number of videos watched so far, number of views of one’s profile, number of new messages, number of friend requests and space/bandwidth used
Display uploaded videos along with their details
Show recent tags
Show last few online members
RSS video feeds option
Polling facility
Multi-language facility
Search for videos, users and groups
Paypal Integrated billing System
Captcha (Signup Image Verification) facility in the registration process
Comprehensive help facility
Cloud Tags Feature
Invite friends to sign up
Populate a list of friends and their contacts
Sort friends by Name or Date
Categorize friends
View friends’ videos and favorite list
Search for videos in the friends collection
Subscribe to Friend’s Videos
Display list of friends
Add friends to contact list
Remove friends from contact list
Remove uploaded videos
View statistics of videos (Video name, Video upload time, Video Uploaded by, Video duration, Number of views, Number of comments)
Video conversion from multiple formats to Flash
Edit Video Information such as video title, description etc
Add tags to videos
Rate Videos
Share videos with friends and family
Add videos to My Videos
View My Videos Vides along with their respective statistics
Remove video from My Videos
Add videos to Favorites
Remove Videos from Favorites
Generate Play Lists
Browse Videos by Channel, Users and Playlists
Embed Videos on blogs, social networking sites (del.icio.us, digg, tehnorati)etc.
View Video History [last 5 videos seen]
Delete Video History
Watch Videos

Advanced Flash Player

Watch Most Recent Videos, Most Viewed Videos, Most Discussed Videos, Top Favorite Videos,  Top Rated Videos, Recently Featured Videos, Random Videos

Display Basic View or Detailed View of Displayed videos
Display Related Videos in the right column
Post comments
Delete comment from own video
Member Avatar next to ones comment
Flag Video (Inappropriate/ Featured)
Web 2.0 Style Video Page Numbering
Upload Videos
Step-by-Step Video upload
Video link and Embeddable player HTML source code with each uploaded video
Upload Progress Bar
Display channels along with their respective details (name, total videos and groups in channel)
Display most active members in each channel
Display all videos in a channel
Each channel will display video listings according to recently added and most watched videos
Create Groups
Add and edit group details (tags, description, group channel, group type, set group icon)
Assign unique URL to group
Video Uploads and Forum Postings can be Moderated if required
Add videos to Groups
Add topics to groups
Browse Groups by Categories
Display one’s groups
Invite members to join group
View group details
View recently added videos on the group
Group Members with similar interests can interact with each other in a Built-in Forum as they will also have the ability to post
Internal Messaging  System
Send messages to other members with message subject
View Inbox
View Outbox
Delete Messages
Edit Personal Profile
View and rate other member’s profiles
Upload Profile Avatar (Photo)
Member Profile View Counts
Admin Functions
Protect Website Templates and Images from unauthorized downloads
Member Management
Display total member count
Display all members, or only active members or only inactive members
View member names with details including ID’s, Country, Last Login, Number of Videos Uploaded and Member Status
View complete Member profile
Sort Member listings by ID, name, Last Login or Status
Edit Member Profile
Delete Member Profile
Change membership package for member
Set account status to active or inactive
Mail all Members or individual member

Built in advanced WYSIWYG editor for sending HTML email messages

Search members by Name or ID

Video Management
Display total uploaded video count
Display all videos, or only public videos or only private videos or only videos for approval
Approve or Disapprove Videos
View video titles with details including ID’s, Video Type, Video Duration, Featured status, Adult Status, Video Upload Date
Edit Videos
Delete Videos
Enable/Disable Auto Delete Original Video Feature
Enable/Disable Download Video 

Display videos which are flagged by viewers as inappropriate

Delete inappropriate video or remove the inappropriate request

Display videos which are requested by viewers to set as featured

Set video as featured listing or remove the request
Search video by ID or name
Channel Management
View channel names with details including ID’s, Description, Number of Videos, Number of Groups
Sort Channel Listing by ID or name
Add Channel
Add Channel Image
Edit Channel
Delete Channel
Search for Channel by ID or  name
Groups Management
Display total groups count
Display all groups, or only public groups or only private groups  or only protected groups
View group names with details including ID, Group Owner, Number of Videos, Number of members, Group Type and Featured Status
Sort Group Listing by ID, name, Type or Featured Status
Edit Group such as change featured status, moderate group topics, set group type
Delete Group
Search for a Group by ID or name
Send email to a particular group

Built in  WYSIWYG editor for sending HTML email messages

View Group Topic and its details(Author, Number of posts, created on, Approved Status)
Delete Group Topic
Moderate Group Topics
Set a group as featured
Site Settings
Edit Main settings(Site Name, Admin Name, Admin Email, Admin Password, listings per page, Service Type, Enable/Disable Moderate status for video, Enable/Disable display of recent member banners, Enable/Disable polling panel,  Set default language and Enable/Disable email activation)
Edit Static Pages(About Us, Developers, Help, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy)
Set Video Rating by Member to Unlimited or Once
Set Member Poll to Unlimited or Once
Configure PayPal Settings
Reset All members bandwidth
Display Total Emails
View Emails along with details (Email ID, Email Subject, Comments)
Sort Emails by Email ID or Email Subject
Edit Email
Delete Email
Add Comments to Email
Create System Email
Display Total Packages
View Member Packages along with details (Package ID, Name, Space, Bandwidth, Price, Video Limit, Subscription Period and  Status)
Edit Package(change package name, description , space, bandwidth, price, video limit, subscription period and status)
Delete Package
Add Package
View total advertising zones
Display Advertising Zone Name along with details(ID, Status)
Sort Advertising Zone Listing by Name or ID
Set Advertising Zone to Active or Inactive
Edit Advertising Zone using HTML
Ability to create advertising zones at a mouse click and easy integration of Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).
View total poll count
Display Poll Questions and respective voting results
Add poll
Delete poll
Set poll duration, poll question and number of answers
Vidpart was all I could ask for. The tech team quickly and efficiently assisted me through the whole process of setting up this script and getting everything up and running. I would happily recommend this product to anyone, thanks guys!
- Alan J [Visit]

I was constantly disappointed by products that promised all that and then some but in the end did not deliver. Then I came across Vidpart and tried it out and everything fell into place. It promises exactly what it delivers, which is a breath of fresh air. - Joseph T [Visit]

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