Ever thought about starting up your own online video sharing community as a business or as an add-on for your current online business? Did you ever want to be able to compete with the big guns of the video sharing world like MySpace, Google Videos and YouTube? If you did then you’ve come to the right place. We have a product that can solve all your needs and is versatile enough to accommodate anything you would like from it!
Available now at an amazingly affordable price, this is the perfect solution to assist you in expanding your business and bringing your video sharing community right up in the major leagues with the market leaders!
Price: $99  

Vidpart supports a wide range of video file formats!
Vidpart is designed for the convenience of your users. Using it, you can allow your users to upload and download files with a variety of different formats, such as MPEG, 3GP, DIVX, MOV, FLV and many more!

Vidpart offers an impressive embedded video functionality!
Vidpart is designed to be able to do all that the leaders in its market can. An example of these features is the ‘embed video’ functionality, which allows used to embed the videos uploaded into any regular webpage, such as a forum, a blog or a website. This allows for easy access to the videos uploaded without having to visit a separate link!

VidPart allows your users to interact with each other!
All your users can communicate with one another not only via their videos but also via a messaging feature. Users can also rate the videos uploaded by other users and comment on them, as well as rate other user’s profiles. Ensure your online video community becomes a community in the truest sense of the word!

Vidpart is highly customizable!
Key features in Vidpart can be customized easily to meet your requirements. You are in complete control of all the elements of your video community, including one of the most important ones for a user: the interface. Using fully customizable templates can help you have 100% control over what your video community looks like.

Vidpart was all I could ask for. The tech team quickly and efficiently assisted me through the whole process of setting up this script and getting everything up and running. I would happily recommend this product to anyone, thanks guys!
- Alan J [Visit]

I was constantly disappointed by products that promised all that and then some but in the end did not deliver. Then I came across Vidpart and tried it out and everything fell into place. It promises exactly what it delivers, which is a breath of fresh air. - Joseph T [Visit]

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